i taught her how to dream and she taught me how to love and we saved each other the moment we began to believe.”
-r.m. drake

What a dreamy quote that was, huh?

That was my one, deep sentiment so don’t go getting used to stuff like that here. You can go ahead and down-shift yourself right back into reality and then we can get started because this blog is all about REAL love. Real, grimy, wipe your snots on your sleeve, love. All rainbows and butterflies shall be left at the door while I indulge you, one blog at a time, about the tumultuous life of dating a professional baseball player.  On paper, that sounds like a pretty good gig, but I didn’t shack up with Clayton Kershaw people. More like Kenny Powers, but I happen to love him nonetheless. I love the notion he epitomizes of never giving up hope on your dreams, and the fact that I can bring him back down to earth with a word. Or fifty.

It’s funny, when you love someone like I have loved Anthony, all reason seems to – and in fact does – go out the door. You can’t ignore what manifests from completely and utterly losing yourself in love, and The Bitching Mound is all about throwing caution to the wind and loving with a whole heart. That kind of non-sense can get you in some real vulnerable predicaments, or it can potentially propel you into a rare world of greatness.

With just one short life to live, I’ll happily risk it all for the latter.

the ♥ bitching ♥ mound


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